An aid program subsidized by the Government of Québec

MaLoi25 is designed and administered by In-Sec-M, the Canadian cybersecurity cluster, in collaboration with Québec’s Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy (MEIE). This program subsidized by the Government of Quebec provides concrete assistance to SMEs and SMOs so that Quebec experts can support them in their cyber resilience and compliance with Act 25.

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Quality expertise

Cybersecurity is a field that is constantly evolving, requiring advanced knowledge and constant updating of skills. This is why it is crucial to call on experts recognized for their know-how and commitment. Our MaLoi25 program takes advantage of this expertise by relying on a network of meticulously selected suppliers. These professionals, mandated by In-Sec-M, work rigorously to ensure that you benefit from start of the art advice, tools and strategies, all aligned with the specific requirements of Act 25 with regards to personal information protection.

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An advantageous price

Cybersecurity, while essential, can be costly for many organizations, especially those with limited resources. However, with the financial support of the Government of Québec, our MaLoi25 program makes it possible to offer high quality solutions at significantly reduced costs. These subsidized rates provide a unique opportunity for assistance and support to confidently navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape.

What is the MaLoi25 training?

The MaLoi25 training is a structured approach to meeting the assistance needs of SMEs and SMOs in 4 complementary stages aimed at strengthening their cybersecurity and complying with Act 25.

All Quebec SMOs are eligible

Awareness and support services are offered to any for-profit or non-profit organization with its head office in Quebec and with less than 500 employees.

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Do your members need help to comply with Act 25?

In-Sec-M offers groups of SMEs and SMOs the opportunity to learn more about the protection of personal information and the subsidized MaLoi25 program thanks to a free webinar.

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We are the national cybersecurity cluster

In-Sec-M was founded in 2017 at the suggestion of the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC) which wanted to bring together Canadian companies with expertise in cybersecurity so that they could better distinguish themselves in the major national and international cybersecurity markets.

In 2023, 2,000 Canadian companies benefited from the expertise of an In-Sec-M partner.

A bridge between supply and demand

In-Sec-M is a non-profit organization that brings together key players in the cybersecurity ecosystem. We play the role of intermediary between organizations that have cybersecurity needs and those that have the solution. We also work to promote Canadian cybersecurity services and solutions to major Canadian and international decision-makers.

Tailor-made training

In partnership with various provincial or federal departments, In-Sec-M ensures the design and delivery of cybersecurity programs, initiatives and services intended to help organizations and communities acquire stronger cybersecurity. Our training courses are developed in collaboration with Canadian companies that are among the most experienced in the country.


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